80 Indian Artists who have worked in Pakistan

Most of the people in Pakistan and India are aware that some Pakistani artists have worked in India. However, it’s rarely mentioned that dozens of Indian artists have also worked in Pakistani dramas, films, songs and TV commercials. We have compiled a list of Indian actors, actresses, models...

Bangladesh should bury the past and move on

Creation of Bangladesh in 1971 was a painful incident for both Pakistanis and Bangladeshi. Instead of letting the past go, Bangladesh is still stuck in painful memories of the past.

Birth of India in 1947

It is popularly believed that Pakistan has a short history that begins in 1947 whereas India has a thousands of years of history. How true is this claim?

Was Pakistan involved in Pulwama attack?

Within a couple of hours after Pulwama attack, India blamed Pakistan and Indian media tried to give an impression that the Pakistani government and all its people are...